Earrings Care & FAQ

First off, I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support in my small business. I'm so grateful that you loved my artwork and purchased a pair (or more) of my handmade earrings. My femme fatale earrings are inspired by my love for women. We are such beautiful, ethereal beings. 
Earring Care:
Although these are earrings, they are also pieces of art and should be treated with gentle and care. Intended for fashion wear.
- Avoid getting earrings wet. Should not be worn in shower/pool/ocean. I recommend to not have earrings on when applying perfume/lotion or in situations where you will be sweating excessively like working out.
- Store earrings in a safe place and dry environment. Do not wear/leave them in a humid atmosphere for long periods of time. 
Materials: All my earrings are made from 20 gauge copper wire. I have gold-plated, silver-plated and copper wire options for all my earring designs. See specific earring pair you are interested in to see the material it's made of and it's options. All my earring hooks are all nickle free. If you want to purchase earrings but need hypoallergenic hooks. hoops for stretched ears, or clip ons please contact me with your order number so that I'm able to make the proper adjustments before I ship them to you.